Roku Reviews

Review of All Roku Devices

    Roku is a California based company that sells digital media streamers for homes. With these streamers channels can be accessed, some of which cost money while others can be accessed free of cost. These devices can be connected to the internet; one of their best features is the internet search option with which you can access the content you want to watch. They also come with the friendliest user interface as compared to other digital streamers.   With each model Roku has improved its style and features; it has become a tough competitor for the regular network providers. Following are the major models that Roku has introduced.    
  1. Roku LT

Roku LT has been designed to provide you with hassle-free streaming of your favorite channels; you may not get the HD experience but it supports a decent specification of 750p. With Roku LT you can stream all the channels that you want but it may not support some of the high-end names.   It comes with a simple design; it has a power socket, an audio-video line and an HDMI port. Roku LT is about 84x84x23mm in size and weighs about 85 g. The remote control that comes with it also has a minimum number of buttons and supports the simple interface of the overall product.        
  1. Roku 2

Just like all Roku models, this allows access to more than 1000+ streaming channels including Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu etc. It comes with the standard easy-to-use interface which has now become a characteristic feature for Roku products. Its remote control is as simple as the overall design, with buttons specially dedicated to Netflix and a couple of other streaming channels.   The device weighs 3 oz and it is 0.9 inches high and 3.3 inches long. The Roku 3 costs $69.99.    
  1. Roku 3

Roku 3 is the latest addition to the list of Roku products. Just as with other streamers the Roku 3 provides some channels for free while others cost money. Your internet connection can affect the quality of streaming but any connection you have will be just fine; it will not stop you from accessing any channel.   A new feature is the headset jack that directs sound to your ears only; a very handy feature for nighttime TV watching. Other than that Roku 3 has a USB 3.0 port. This product is black and shiny and measures about 3.5 inches.    
  1. Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Stick is an exceptional device for every person who wants a cost effective way to experience screen casting and streaming media devices. For just $49.99, you will get an HDMI stick, which is lightweight and portable. It offers the functionalities of other set top boxes from Roku along with the ability to perfectly screen cast compatible devices. Moreover, you also get a remote control.