Amazon Prime New Releases will keep you up to date on Amazon Prime new releases.  Never miss a recently added movie on Amazon Prime Instant as we’ve listed all the new release movies and TV shows.

Amazon Prime Instant gives you a variety of ways to watch movies and TV shows  via instant streaming, rent, or buy to download.  Much like Netflix, Amazon has it’s own original series lineup.

Amazon Prime Instant is included in the Prime Membership which cost $99/year.  Amazon Prime Instant can be accessed anywhere through streaming devices such as Roku and Fire TV.

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Amazon Prime New Releases

Tips To Get The Most Out of Amazon Prime Video


It is no longer fashionable to go to a video store and rent a movie. The age of the DVD is on its way out a quite a rate. Instead, it is possible to stream movies and series directly on your computer or smart TV. You can get the latest releases on demand. Naturally, this requires a fair amount of data – so how can you use a service like Amazon Prime Video most effectively so that you get the videos you want to watch at the lowest data cost? Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your Amazon Prime Video.

1. A watchlist is a great feature that you can create on Amazon Prime Video that allows you to queue movies and series to watch at a later date. The benefit of this is that it makes it a lot easier to find the movie or series, or even episode, that you want to watch. Since Amazon Prime Video does not have its content categorized as fully as some of its competitors, this feature can save you a lot of time and frustration.

2. You may not always have an internet connection. Perhaps you pay less for data during a certain time slot. Whatever the reason, you can use Amazon Prime Video to download movies and series to your various devices so that you can watch them even when you do not have internet or when downloading or streaming would be more expensive per megabyte.

3. There are always shows that you do not want your child watching. Amazon Prime Video offers you the ability to set a five digit pin and lock certain kinds of content or channels. This will stop your children from watching what you do not want them to watch. Just make sure that you use a difficult to guess five digit pin.

4. If you do not like the look of the subtitles, you can change them from your settings menu. You could make them easier to see very quickly and easily.

5. If you are not binge watching a series and only want to watch one episode, the autoplay function of Amazon Prime Video can be a pain since it automatically loads the next episode in the series you are watching. You can turn this off in the player preferences under your video settings. Of course, you can then turn it on again when you are ready for a Friends marathon.

6. Although you get access to all of Amazon Prime Video’s content, there may be other third party services that you want to access. Amazon has made it possible for you to watch Comedy Central Stand-up and a number of other third party services directly from your Amazon app. How’s that for convenience?

7. Take a good look at how you use your Amazon Prime Video account. It is quite likely that there is something there that you are not quite happy with or did not know about. Do not be afraid to explore all the functionality and get things set up exactly the way that you want them to optimize your viewing experience.