Complete Guide To Watch Sports Online

Complete Guide To Watch Sports Online


Cable prices are skyrocketing and it almost seems like the cable companies are extorting us, isn’t it? There seems to be a premium charge to watch almost anything on TV these days. And when it comes to sports, things get even crazier. There are tens of networks and channels and if you want to watch your favorite teams play, you must cough up hundreds of dollars. Well, if I am describing your frustration, this article is for you.

Internet streaming is taking the entertainment industry by storm and it’s about time you know about it. Although there have been ways to watch live sports online, the legitimacy of the sites was always dubious. Remember the days when you had to scour the internet to watch your favorite teams play on a shady and questionable site?

I am here to tell you that there are legitimate ways of watching all your favorite sports online, live and in high definition!

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find some great ways to enjoy all the sports you want from across the globe. However, before we begin there is a short ‘to-do’ list that we need to complete. Let’s see what is needed:

  1. First and foremost, you’ll need to know the TV station that has the rights to the sporting event you want to watch. It is not that difficult either. A preliminary google search will tell you that.
  2. Once you have the network down, the second step is to search for streaming service that carries that network.
  3. Sign up and enjoy the event! That’s all there is to it!

Well, to make this even simple for you, I have gathered an exhaustive list of some of the best services online. I’ll be sorting them based on the sport so you don’t have to even do the steps above! Super-easy, isn’t it! Let’s begin, shall we?



stream nfl games

NFL Football

Let’s begin with NFL, the biggest, most popular sporting extravaganza in the US! You can’t just not love football, right? If you are a fan as well, you know that you can’t afford to miss even a single game. And if you want to watch football in all its glory, there is only one way, ESPN. However, if you want to add ESPN to your cable subscription, the fees and charges can be insanely high.

The best solution to this is offered by Sling TV! This is an online streaming service that allows you to watch live TV on the internet. Sling TV carries all your favorite games live. You can watch Monday Night Football, the NFL draft, Sunday Night Football and all other games.

Sling recently added NFL network as well, allowing you to watch almost every game in the season.

One of the great things about Sling TV is the fact that it is available on a variety of platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV as well as on all your mobile devices. If you are in the market for a new streaming device such as Apple TV or Roku, Sling often partners with them to give great deals as well.

One of the great deals Sling is offering right now is a free Roku device if you pre-pay for a month of service. If you are a fan of Apple TV, Sling has a great offer for you as well. You can get Apple TV for just $89 if you pay for a 3-month Sling subscription. That is a saving of 40%!

The quality of the stream is also great and there is almost no lag or buffering. In my opinion, Sling offers one of the best services for streaming NFL online. Make a point to check it out.

Another great service for NFL fans is CBS All Access. This is also an online streaming service that streams all the NFL games that air on CBS. That means you will have the access to all the Thursday Night and Sunday Football you can watch. The streaming service is priced at $5.99 a month with limited commercials and $9.99 with no commercials. It is a great deal if you love football. The service is available on all the common platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, and all your mobile devices. Not only that, but you can give this service a try for 7-day for free!

Another great way is to watch the regular season games with an HD antenna such as the Mohu Leaf 50. The HD antenna will allow you watch CBS and hence AFC games on Thursday and Sunday Night football as well. Priced at about $70, you can’t go wrong with this antenna.

Some other ways to watch NFL online include PlayStation Vue. The streaming model of the Vue service is similar to Sling, but the price is higher than Sling.

If you are a Verizon customer, you can download their NFL app to watch many local NFL games for free. However, you can watch them only on your phone or tablet with Verizon network connection. You can’t even mirror your phone on your TV as the function is disabled on the app.

If you like to watch an NFL game on demand, NFL Game Pass is a fantastic service. You can watch all 256 games online in HD a day after they air. Although the games are not live, you can watch them in their entirety. And guess what, if you want, you can also watch 30-minute ‘Highlights’ of any game throughout the season as well. At about $99 for a full season pass, the price is difficult to beat. Again, the only thing is that you’ll not be able to watch the games live, but hey, it still offers a great bang for your buck. You can also sign up for a free 7-day trial!



watch college football online free

College Football

Some of the best football is played in NCAA games. If you are a college football fan, the best way to catch all your favorite college teams is Sling TV. The basic Sling package priced at $20 a month offers you with ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. These three channels combined, you can watch half of all the college games broadcast nationally. If you opt for the ‘sports package’ add-on at just $5 a month extra, you get ESPNU, SEC network as well. This means you’ll never miss even a single game of college football!

With Sling, you’ll get access to all the college football analysis on college GameDay and much more. If you are a true fan of the NCAA, Sling TV is a no-brainer. With a free 7-day trial, you really can’t go wrong at all!

As we saw earlier as well, Sling TV offers you with a variety of channels including FOX and CBS. With Sling TV, there is more college football action than you can handle!

Other ways of watching college football are the CBS All Access and the Mohu leaf 50 antenna. You can keep an eye on what games will be shown on local channels that you can access with the Mohu leaf antenna.



watch mlb playoffs online

Major League Baseball

MLB is yet another sporting event that is followed by millions across the country. Again, one of the best ways to watch almost all MLB games online is Sling TV. With just the basic Sling package, you get ESPN, ESPN2, and TBS, which means that you can watch most of the MLB season. You can enjoy Monday and Wednesday evening coverage as well as the Sunday Night Baseball!

The price starts just at $20 a month which is awesome. Furthermore, you can get a 7-day, no-strings-attached trial for free! In select markets, Sling also offers many Fox channels such as FS1.

Apart from Sling TV, MLB also has its own streaming service. MLB.TV is a great place to watch baseball in HD. The MLB offers you the access to all the out of market games at a discounted price of $109.99 a year. If you opt for a monthly package, the price is slightly higher at $24.99 per month. This premium service is available on all major platforms and on all your mobile devices as well.

Playstation Vue is yet another way to stream MLB games online. Although the service is slightly more expensive than Sling TV, it offers similar channels. TV channels like ESPN and Fox Sports are available as add-on packages.

Your local Fox channel also shows some of the MLB games. If you want to watch all your local stations for free, the Mohu leaf 50 antenna is a great asset.



nba stream


Are you a basketball fan? No worries, we got you covered. There are some great options for watching NBA games online as well. Again, the best option and my personal favorite is Sling TV.

Sling TV offers you the best of basketball. The basic $20 package will give you access to the ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. Not only that, you’ll get all the games carried by ABC as well.

Among ESPN, TNT and ABC, Sling will allow you to watch almost all NBA games online. If you add an extra sports package to the basic package, you’ll get NBA TV streaming as well. You can try Sling-TV for 7-days for free as well. Just sign in and try it out!

My other favorite way to watch NBA online is the NBA league Pass. At just $69, you will have access to any game played by 5-teams of your choosing. If you want to watch all teams, the price jumps to $99. This is a great service, although there is only one downside. There can be local blackouts and you’ll not be able to watch playoff games.

ABC airs a few games throughout the season and you can get it for free with an antenna. My favorite is the Mohu Leaf 50. You can pick one up here.


nhl gamecenter

NHL Hockey

If you are a huge NHL fan, Sling has you covered! Recently, Sling added Fox Sports Network to their lineup. This means total coverage of regional NHL teams!

If you prefer to watch Hockey without Sling, there are a couple of options for you as well. The best one, by far, is NHL Gamecenter Live. The in-house streaming service provided by the NHL covers almost all games. If you opt for a yearly access priced at $131.49, you get almost all games played by all teams. At $105.09, you can get all games played by a team of your choice. If you don’t want a yearly commitment, you can pay $24.99 a month for all-access.

You can also catch some NHL games for free using an HD antenna. During the last season as many as 14 NHL games were carried by NBC. You can watch it free with an HD antenna such as the Mohu Leaf 50.



watch ncaa basketball online

College Basketball

Sling TV offers some great packages for College Basketball fans as well. The basic package that includes ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 will cover most of the games. You will have the access to almost all college basketball games including March Madness.
With a small fee of $5 per month, you also have the option of adding the ‘sports package’ that includes many channels.

Again, you have the option of trying out Sling TV for free! Just check it out and see if it suits you.

Another way of accessing college basketball games if the CBS All Access. CBS has also created a special streaming service called College Sports Live. At $9.99 a month or $99.95 a year, you’ll have access to almost all college games.



watch soccer online

Soccer (Major League Soccer and International as well)

If you happen to be a fan of the most popular sport in the world, it’s not that difficult to catch the hottest games online. My personal favorite remains Sling TV. The basic plan starting at $20 a month gives you ESPN and all its associated channels. If you are a fan of international teams, you can opt for an add-on international package. It’ll give you all the international soccer action you can handle. Also, as Sling is available on almost all mobile devices, you’ll never miss a goal!

Another extremely popular service among soccer fans is Fubo TV. It is cheap, at just $6.99 a month, you have an access to several soccer exclusive channels. It covers almost every MLS game as well as La Liga, Copa America and English Premier League as well.


watch nascar onlineNASCAR

There are millions of NASCAR fans who are always looking for options to watch online. Well, if you are one of them, Sling TV has got you covered. With Sling TV, you can watch almost all your favorite races. The basic package with ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3 covers many NASCAR events.

Another great option is the PlayStation Vue. You can subscribe to some of the famous TV channels including FS1, NBC, and NBCSN. The basic package starts at just $29.99 a month. You can also opt for additional channels by opting for ‘Add-in’ packages.

Finally, you can also watch NASCAR for free on Fox network. As Fox is a free to air channel, you can access it with an HD antenna such like my favorite Mohu Leaf 50.


sling tv reviews


If you are into tennis, Sling TV can be a great option for you. The basic ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 package should cover most of the Grand Slams.

If you want an alternative option, you can subscribe to Tennis Channel Plus. Although it is not a live streaming service, you can watch almost any match on demand.


watch pga championship liveGolf

For the PGA fans, it is a bummer that you can’t watch the Golf channel legally online. But, there is no need to panic! You can still watch all the four Majors without the need of having a cable. To get your Golf on, all you need is Sling TV and an HD antenna.

With Sling TV, you get ESPN ESPN2 and ESPN3 that cover most of the Majors. Not only that, you can even catch some WPGA games on ESPN using Sling.

HD antennas like the Mohu Leaf 50 will give you access to many free-to-air channels that routinely broadcast golf games.

Ready to get your game face on?

Watching live sports online has become much easy in recent years. You are no longer at the mercy of cable providers to watch all your favorite games and teams. All you need to do is follow this guide and choose the streaming service that suits you!

All the services that I mentioned are 100% genuine and legal. So, you can watch all the sports you want worry free, on almost any device. With many services providing great trial offers, you can try them out before committing.

I hope that this guide will encourage cutting the cord and liberate yourself from the clutches of cable! Till next time…